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Sam's Town-Ghost Town Interveiw

In the 3 or so years Ghost Town have been a band, What memory stands out the most for you?
The memory that stands out the most for me would definitely have to be our tour last November with Gold Kids from Italy.
We had never met that band before but we became really good friends with them,
we also got to play shows in New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Ive noticed you guys are heaps heavier with Calamities,
Changes in influences perhaps?

Calamities is definitely a lot heavier than our first EP.
Our first EP was kinda just figuring out the sound we wanted.
I think it's because we matured as song writers between the releases.
When writing Calamities we didn't really stop and think "This is a lot different to our last release"
we just wrote the songs the we liked.

You guys have a few tours under you belt now, what one was the best?
Again, the best tour we have done so far is definitely the Gold Kids tour in November 2009.
We got to play shows in so many new places and meet so many great people.

Have you got any tours coming up in the not to distant future?
We are actually about to start a national tour with our good friends Carpathian,
they are about to release a new 7" and they asked us to do the Australian tour with them,
we were stoked.

You can find the dates on our myspace

Were shows in New Zealand and Asia what you were expecting?
I didn't really know what to expect, New Zealand was great, the people there were so nice and the shows were fairly similar to Australia.
South East Asia was a completely different experience, I hadn't really heard much about Hardcore shows over there and I wasn't even sure if people would even come to the shows,
but the shows were huge and kids went wild, it was amazing. Can't wait to get back there.

Are any of you doing side projects?
Shaun is currently working on an Electronic album, from what I have heard, it sounds awesome.
I have also started writing and recording some stuff of my own.

Are there any bands you have played with that you think people should know about?
We have been lucky enough to play with some amazing bands, the ones you should check out are: The Abandonment, Suffer, Gold Kids and More Than Life.

Any new releases coming up?
FOr us? We just put out Calamities, so it's going to be a while before we put anything new out but we have been talking about the next release.

Anything else you wanna say?
Thanks for the interview :)

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