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Here is a comparison of a painting my mum did of a photo of me bodyboarding.
I think its pretty good.


Corey Williams-Internal Affairs, Carry On, Piece By Piece, Snake Eyes

Here's an interview I did about a year ago
just around the time IxA became no more.

Did you ever see yourself touring in a band, when you were younger?
Not really cuz I didn't start playing guitar til I was 18. I was a professional head walker in highschool, we had a crew called "Cannonball Crew". Plus when I was younger only the big bands like strife and snapcase toured, so starting a band and coming to Australia was just a fantasy.

What are the best/worst things about touring?
Being on tour is amazing. Even bad tours are fun cuz you are with your friends, but thats the only bad part as well. When a tour is financially awful and you are with the same bunch of dudes 24 hours a day tension builds and attitudes get really bad. I don't deal with stress well and I'm usually the asshole. As for the best, you meet amazing people and make the best friends of your life on tour. Some of my best friends live on other continents. Touring Europe with Down To Nothing was probably the wildest 3 weeks of my life, we fought assholes and smashed everything in our way.

Your favourite country youve been to? And why?
You already know the answer to this, its obviously Australia. If you ask anyone who has ever been to OZ they will tell you its amazing. Toured twice and been back for vacation once and I'm trying to make it an annual event. Its just like southern california but cleaner, better food, hotter girls, and insane beaches.

Absolute Madness, How is it going so far?
Hahaha its already broken up. I think I'm going to take a break from music for a while. Doing anything in life that requires another human being to put in equal amount of effort to make it work seems to fail.

Do you get nostalgic when it comes to IxA at all?
Not really. Its fun to talk about wild times we had in the band with people who were there, but for the most part its over and its for the best so Im happy with everything the band accomplished.

Any future projects?
I do have another project that is on hold. In the AM question I said I wouldnt do music for a while but I have a project with Andrew from Strife called Evacuate! and one day that will get sorted out and be awesome.

What are your veiws on segregation in hardcore?
I dont like it cuz when I got into HC all bands played together. You could go see Strife with Still Life (emo) and Unashamed (christian) at one show. Now a days there are so many different kinds of people that come to shows and shows are so violent that I think sometimes that we are better off keeping the scene seperate to prevent fights that ruin venues.

Best band youve ever seen?
Probably Strife in high school. Mindsnare is probably my favorite foreign band that I got to see. Wish I could have seen Last Nerve.

Is there no place like home?
Yeah if home was Australia. Find me a wife so I can get citizenship haha.

Photos were taken from internal affairs & piece by piece myspace pages.

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